Sex With Older Women – Why a Young Guy Should Date a Cougar

Lots of sexy older woman have attracted the odd stare and the occasional odd criticism from onlookers for dating younger guys who could be old enough to be their sons. In the past, there were doubts whether a relationship between an older woman with a much younger guy could be successful or not.

Why would a young guy who could attract girls his own age go instead for a woman who was old enough to be his mother? Why would a younger guy want sex with an older woman?

She Knows Much, Much More Than You!

The word ‘cougar’ has come to symbolise an older woman who preys upon younger men and entices them into her bed. The young man becomes her ‘cub’ and his sole responsibility and obligation is to sexually ‘service’ the cougar and ensure her satisfaction. In my experience, this is a true and accurate representation of a cougar and cub relationship.

However, these sexy older women possess some powerful and strong personal qualities of success, independence, confidence power and beauty. They also have very few hang ups about sex and intimacy. They are very aware of their own sexual needs and wants and are not afraid to demand it from the cub. She is sexually knowledgeable and she will teach the cub the art of sex and intimate relationships.

An Older Woman Is in Control

Sex with older women is different because she will be calling the shots. The mature woman will direct you to do exactly what she wants in order for you to make her climax harder, stronger and more forcefully.

There’s no hard and fast rule but a cougar is usually a woman who is over 40, established in her life, maybe divorced and with kids who have left home. Or she may be married with a husband who is away or with kids who are still at school. You just don’t know, it could be any woman who is simply older than her man.

I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy sex with older women many times and I’ve been a cub to a few cougars. They were all over 40 and all told me that they preferred their men to be under 25 years of age. (Disclaimer: I asked 5 cougars and they told me)

Women Reach Sexual Peak Later in Life

Women reach their sexual maturity much later in life than men do. Women reach their sex apogee around the age of 33 while guys reach theirs around the age of 20. You can see the maths, right? An older woman is so sexy because she is at her sexual prime when she is much older. And at that time of her life, when she is hot and horny and eager to get laid… her husband or partner is well past his prime and just wants to get some sleep. She is frustrated, and worse, (or rather, good news for would-be cubs) she is frustrated AND hot AND horny at the same time. (Disclaimer: I read that somewhere)

She Wants a Stud Who Can Go On, And On, And On…

She needs a strong, virile young man with vicious stamina to satisfy her carnal desires and sexual demands. She needs a young stud who can ‘stand to attention’ and maintain an erection. She wants a youth who can ejaculate over many times a night or sex session… and still give her more. She is in the prime of her sexual needs and she needs a man who can satisfy her. Period. If her husband or partner is not ‘taking care of business’, make sure you do!

Best Practical Sex Lesson You Could Wish For

Sex with an older woman is a fabulous way to learn about intimacy and sexual techniques. You get literally ‘hands on’ experience! You’ll be coached, very patiently, over man days and months, indeed years, on the art of cunnilingus by the cougars you’ll be servicing. They will insist you practice often on them and perfect this particular art form. No place or time will be taboo. A cougar might encourage you to perform cunnilingus on her in the cinema, on the bus and at parties. (cunnilingus | noun | stimulation of the female genitals using the tongue or lips)

To be honest, just be an eager and respectful student and always do as you’re told. Plus, you should never be rude to a woman, and to decline to perform cunnilingus on her is the height of rudeness.

Each older woman you get to know will add something fresh and exciting to your knowledge and repertoire of life experiences. A sexy older woman will not only educate a younger man about sex and sexual satisfaction but about life in general… but mostly about sex!

Don’t Be Shy, Seize the Opportunity

Seize the opportunity to enjoy sex with an older woman should that wonderful opportunity present itself to you. Don’t over analyse and don’t overthink it. If an older woman is offering to make you her cub, you’ll have the best time of your life.

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